Reasonable Access

Per KRS 172.110 county and state officials may have access to the library at reasonable hours each day except Sunday and holidays. Officials should contact the library in advance at 502-574-5943 to arrange access.

Right to Check Bags

JCPLL staff members reserve the right to check bags or briefcases upon entry and exit of the library. JCPLL reserves the right to deny access to patrons whose conduct or handling of materials violates Law Library rules or interferes with the daily operations.

Damaged Books

Marking, underlining or damaging the books in any way is prohibited. Also, do not leave post-it notes or tabs in the books as these also cause damage when left for long periods of time. Anyone caught doing so will be required to reimburse JCPLL for replacement of the damaged material and will be banned from the Library.


A wheelchair accessible table is available. If you are confined to a wheelchair, or need assistance, a staff member will help you.

Personal Property

JCPLL assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Patrons are urged not to leave personal belongings unattended.

Fire Exits

A fire exit is located at the front and back of JCPLL.


1 Hornbooks and Nutshells on various topics, Legislative Record

2-12 Texts & treatises by topic: Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Antitrust Law, Banks and Banking, Bankruptcy, Causes of Actions, Civil Rights, Civil Actions, Class Actions, Constitutional Law, Consumer Law, Contracts, Corporations, Criminal Law, Depositions, Domestic Relations, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Ethics, Evidence, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Jury Instructions, Labor, Litigation, Medical Dictionaries & Medicine, Motor Vehicle, Negligence, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Products Liability, Real Estate & Zoning, Statutory Construction, Uniform Laws, Restatements of the Law, Tax, Uniform Commercial Code

13-15 Kentucky Materials

16-17 Indiana Materials

18 American Law Reports 1st-5th Series

19 ALR 6th-7th Series, Federal-Federal 3rd Series, Words and Phrases

20 Corpus Juris, Corpus Juris Secundum, American Jurisprudence 1st and 2nd Series, Am Jur Proof of Facts 1st-3rd Series, Am Jur Pleading and Practice Forms

21 Am Jur Trials, Am Jur Legal Forms, West Legal Forms, Bender’s Forms of Discovery, Federal Procedure, Federal Procedural Forms, Bender’s Federal Practice Forms, Moore’s Federal Practice

22 United States Code Annotated, Federal Practice and Procedure, Federal Civil Judicial Procedure, Federal Criminal Code, Shepard’s Acts and Cases by Popular Names Citator US Congressional and Administrative News.

24 United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers Edition, Supreme Court Reporter

25 Supreme Court Reporter, United States Supreme Court Digest, Federal Reporter

26-34 Federal Reporter, Shepard’s Federal Citations, Federal Supplement, Federal Rules Decisions

34-53 REGIONAL REPORTERS: Atlantic Reporter, New York Supplement, Northeastern Reporter, Northwestern Reporter, Pacific Reporter, California Reporter, Southeastern Reporter, Southwestern Reporter, Southern Reporter

54-56 American Digest, Decennial Digest 1st-12th Series, General Digest 12th and 13th Series, National Reporter Blue Book