About Us

HISTORY 1839 TO 1979

1839 Founded as the Louisville Law Library Company by an Act of the Legislature on February 8, 1839.

1949 The Louisville Bar Association, along with the Fiscal Court, combined their efforts in the sponsorship of the Law Library.

1957 JCPLL moved into the Jefferson County Court House where it remained unti11979.

1978 The Louisville Bar Association discontinued their financial support of the Law Library.

1979 Court Fees first collected to support the Law Library (KRS 172.180). The Board of Trustees was established to manage a trust for fees (KRS 172.200). JCPLL moved into the Old Louisville Trust Building at 5th and Market Streets.

HISTORY 1983 TO 2010

1983 JCPLL moved to its present location, 514 West Liberty Street on the second floor of the renovated Old Jail Building.

1986 An increase in Court Fees for the Law Library was approved by an Act of the Legislature (KRS 172.180).

2003 Began partnering with local groups (LBA’s Women’s Auxiliary) and various educational institutions to increase awareness of the library by providing tours and orientations.

2005 An attorney tax fee is approved (KRS 453.060) to help support the county law library.

2010 After many years of frugality, compact moveable shelving is added to the library to increase shelf space and floor space that will support the growth of the library for years to come.